Every vacancy is a break waiting to happen.

Why give?

A short break can be life-changing for a carer, yet the majority rarely manage to take time off. Government support is scarce and with little possibility of generating an income of their own, a break becomes an unaffordable luxury. Nearly half of all carers haven’t had any time off in the last 5 years.

The potential for meeting this challenge is enormous. Our resource-sharing platform connects accommodation providers with carers throughout the country, enabling you to unleash the value of your surplus inventory and embed social impact into the DNA of your organisation.

If you’re still wondering why any of this is relevant to you or your business, consider this: 60% of us will become a carer at some point in our lifetime. Almost all of us will be cared for. So the predicament faced by carers is not an abstract notion, it’s your future. And if it’s your future, it’s also the future of every guest that walks through your door.

The process

To ensure a consistent volume of breaks, accommodation providers are asked to donate a minimum number each month on a recurring basis. Additional breaks can be added or removed at any time thereafter using our simple online tools. Hotel stays are 1-3 nights for one carer plus companion with breakfast included. Holiday cottage breaks are 4-7 nights for one carer plus companion and up to two dependant children. Breaks are listed on our fully automated booking platform, which is accessible only by verified carers. We forward reservations to providers for confirmation and handle all pre-break administration.

The platform

Our purpose-built technology has been designed in close collaboration with our partners and provides a range of benefits:

Add, remove or adjust donated inventory in real time using our automated tools.

Multi-channel online support.

Immersive training for local operators and staff.

An enjoyable and rewarding experience for employees.

Download reports on your social value and share heartwarming stories that vividly illustrate the impact on carers.

Join us!

If you’re interested in joining our rapidly growing family or you’d like a demo of our online tools, click on the button below and send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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Some of our partners

Classic Cottages

Classic Cottages has been with us from the start, encouraging owners to offer their holiday cottages to carers during the low season. Last year more than 80 owners donated a one-week break. Classic Cottages makes a contribution to each owner to cover the cost of cleaning and laundry.

Bespoke Hotels

Our partnership with Bespoke began in 2017 with 5 hotels from the group taking part. Last year our portfolio included 11 of their hotels throughout England and Scotland, each of which donated two rooms per week from January to May with breakfast included.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn in Southend is owned by the Stobart Group. Our partnership began in 2017 with a large number of carers enjoying breaks throughout the first half of the year. They subsequently donated 5 rooms per week during the winter months with breakfast and dinner included.

Strandpark Properties

Strandpark was one of our early adopters, donating 2 rooms per week with breakfast included in 5 of their hotels in England and Scotland. The partnership began in 2017 and continues to this day.

See Carefree in action

Robin Sheppard

Carefreespace is a genius concept. Simple, effective and highly motivational. You should get involved if you possibly can.

Robin Sheppard
Chairman / Bespoke Hotels

Peter Khalastchi

This was a no-brainer for us. I dearly hope the rest of the hospitality industry follows suit. Collectively we can make a huge impact.

Peter Khalastchi
Director / Flodrive Group

Simon Tregonning

Carers make a massive difference to the people they look after. We are delighted to help in a small way by giving them a holiday.

Simon Tregonning
Chairman / Classic Cottages

Lady St Levan

We’ve been so pleased to be involved with Carefreespace and have really seen the positive impact that a mini holiday in a beautiful location can have.

Lady St Levan
Director / St Aubyn Estates

Rohit Singh

Delivering the joy of travel is the sole purpose of our brand, so the opportunity to reward these remarkable people with a short break was a perfect fit for us.

Rohit Singh
Managing Director / Holiday Inn Southend

Bespoke Hotels
Classic Cottages
Holiday Inn
Porthleven Holiday Cottages
St Aubyn Estates
Budock Vean