an illustration of two people having tea outside a country cottage
an illustration of a two people having tea outside a country cottage


Our short breaks initiative not only helps individual carers, it also generates significant value for the social care sector as a whole. By leveraging excess capacity from the hospitality sector we are able to provide large numbers of breaks without the burden of cost falling to the public sector. Furthermore, improvements in health and wellbeing mean that carers are able to maintain their role for longer and provide a better quality of care. Collectively, these benefits help to create the necessary conditions for a sustainable social care system. With a predicted £2.5 billion shortfall in social care funding by 2020, the value of this invisible workforce and the importance of ensuring its longevity cannot be overstated.

82 %
beneficiaries would not have had a break without our help

94 %
reported improvement in wellbeing after the break

Sharing Economy Model

Diagram showing the Sharing Economy Model
diagram showing Sharing Economy Model

Scale potential

With 1 million empty hotel rooms in the UK every week and thousands of holiday cottages unoccupied for up to half of the year, the potential number of 3-night breaks per annum exceeds 20 million. Even a fraction of that figure represents an intervention of truly meaningful scale. But the predicament facing carers is not a local issue. Throughout the world millions of carers face similar challenges. Our model of social intervention is specifically designed such that the impact we generate in the UK can, in time, be replicated internationally.

map showing american continent with '43.5 million' label and europe with '100 million+' label

Business model

Unusually for an organisation such as ours, we don’t pay for our primary asset (accommodation). Our core costs are people, premises, technology, operations and marketing. Enhanced technology and the addition of a self-enrolment pathway will lead to a significant increase in revenue while the increase in operational expenses will be modest in comparison. By 2022 we estimate that we will be providing 20,000 breaks per year, leveraging accommodation worth £6.6 million into the care sector and becoming fully self-sustaining with revenue derived from the registration fee alone.

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Support us

To date we have been supported in equal measure by individual donors, institutions and Trusts including Baillie Gifford, The Swire Charitable Trust, Social Tech Trust, Crystal Amber Fund, The Boltini Trust, Woodford Investment Management, Crix Capital, the Englefield Trust, Paul Hodges and Andrew Tinkler. Without their generosity we would not be able to do what we do.

If you are interested in funding opportunities and/or a brand partnership please send an email to and we will be delighted to discuss the options with you.

Peter Khalastchi

Every now and again you get the opportunity to be involved with something truly special. Carefree is one of those things.

Peter Khalastchi
Director / Strandpark Properties

Richard Bernstein

Carefree provides an answer to the question ‘who cares for the carers’? I commend both the charity and its philosophy.

Richard Bernstein
Director / Crystal Amber Asset Management

Martha Allfrey

We feel privileged to support Carefree. The concept is simple, yet brilliant, and has the potential to dramatically improve the wellbeing of thousands of society’s unsung heroes.

Martha Allfrey
Trustee / Swire Charitable Trust

Kave Sigaroudinia

We are delighted to offer three-year funding to Carefree, an exciting, innovative, tech-driven intervention in support of carer wellbeing.

Kave Sigaroudinia
Partner / Baillie Gifford & Co

Anthony Bolton

In recognition of the extraordinary and essential work of unpaid carers, we are delighted to have financially supported the build of Carefree’s core technology for two years.

Anthony Bolton
Chairman / The Boltini Trust

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Crystal Amber
Englefield Estate
Stobart Group
Social Tech Trust
Swire Charitable Trust
Strandpark Properties
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