What are the eligibility criteria for carers?

  • Aged 21 or over
  • A full-time unpaid carer (35+ hours per week)
  • Able to arrange interim care
  • Able to pay for extras (admin fee, travel, food etc.)

What are the requirements in order to become a referral partner?

  • To sign a Memorandum of Understanding, which includes a data sharing agreement
  • To have appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place
  • To be fully GDPR compliant
  • To provide at least 15 carer referrals each calendar year
  • To ensure that the referrals meet the eligibility criteria*
  • To provide supporting evidence or rationale for referrals that do not
    adhere to the eligibility criteria
  • To help carers access financial support where possible
  • To submit referrals securely and with the prior consent of the carer

Does a break have to be taken locally?

Carefree enables carers to make empowered, independent choices. As such they can choose to stay locally or go further afield.

Can a carer use someone else’s email address instead of his/her own?

We strongly recommend that carers use their own email address. If a nominated email is provided, the person to whom the email address belongs must assume full responsibility for coordinating the carer’s break and responding to communications. The same email address must not be used for more than one carer.

Will a carer be eligible if they use ‘rolling respite’?


Does a carer have to be living with the person they care for?


Does a carer need to be in receipt of carers allowance or other benefits to be eligible?


Is a carer eligible if their cared-for has recently passed away?

No. Carefree is designed for people who are currently in a caring role. However, if the carer has already received confirmation from the accommodation provider prior to the bereavement, the break will be honoured.

If a carer cancels their break will they get their money back?

If a carer cancels a break because of an emergency, the Carefree team will endeavour to secure an alternative (depending on availability). We do not offer refunds as our costs will have already been incurred.

Is Carefree ATOL registered?

No. Carefree provides a brokerage service between the carer and the accommodation provider and is therefore not classified as a tour operator.

Is there any cost to the carer support organisation?

No. However, if the CSO has been commissioned to provide short breaks we trust that they will offer financial support whenever possible or signpost carers to available grants.

Can I make bulk carer referrals?

No. In the future it will be possible to make bulk referrals but for now they need to be entered into our system one by one.

Are there any penalties for cutting short the break?

No. We fully appreciate that under certain circumstances carers have no choice other than to return home.